Queen Liliuokalani Race 2010

This years Queen Liliuokalani Race marked the 8th year ‘Ōiwi has attended the race. Mahalo to all of the clubs and friends that have supported us at this race. We are really proud of working with Kai ‘Ōpua, the race crew, and Uncle Bo Campos. Uncle Bo has always been one of our biggest supporters and as he likes to say our "official spokesmodel".

This year we were also honored to become one of the official sponsors of Project Pure Light. Its been an incredible experience working with Aka Hemmings and the rest of the adaptive paddlers from Pure Light. We look forward to working with them in the future.

Check out the race results from the 2010 Queen Liliuokalani Race If you have never attended this race - plan on doing so in the future. This is one of the premier races in outrigger paddling and it might be the very best outrigger weekend of the year.

If youʻd like to learn more about Project Pure Light and contribute to these incredible people please take the time to read their story.



The "Incredibles" of Project Pure Light with the ‘Ōiwi ohana.

Lono Goo of Makai Magazine with Dave

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